Helping Public Sector & Federal Employees Plan For Retirement

Now Rest Assured provides full retirement planning services catering to the unique needs of public sector & federal employees and their families. Our mission is to help public and civil service employees make their income last their entire lifetime because they deserve to have a happy and secure retirement.

Retirement planning can be confusing with so many 403(b) / 457(b) supplemental and deferred compensation retirement income plan options available. We have the knowledge and experience you need to answer your questions and provide a personalized analysis of your unique financial situation. With your best interests as our top priority, we will help you customize a plan to save and invest for a retirement designed for success. Contact us today for a no-cost consultation.

How to Plan For Retirement

Planning for Retirement can seem to be a daunting and uneasy undertaking that is often put off to the point of detriment. A Smart Retirement Planning tip is that one should save a total of about 20% of their earnings during a typical working career to secure enough savings to live comfortably during your retirement years. For most, typically 3% – 5% would go into towards a state/local pension or 401(k) Plan for Retirement. That leaves another 10% remaining to close the expected income gap. Now, this is assuming that the savings begin around age 25. For late starters, a Retirement Planning recommended monthly savings rule of thumb is to add a zero to your age (e.g. $300 at age 30, $400 at age 40, etc.). Miami Beach, FL locals seek more free advice here.

Protect Your Retirement Plan From a Market Crash

There are several ways to Protect Your 401k Before a Market Crash. If your retirement plan is active with a current employer or not, you should have several investment funds to choose from. They range from aggressive to conservative in risk nature. It’s common that most plans allow the owner to reallocate the current balance and future contributions in between these options. To determine Where To Put Your Money Before The Market Crashes, you’ll have to research the performance trends. This is the simplest of Strategies To Eliminate Market Risk From Your Retirement immediately. To recap, there are simple Strategies for Mitigating Market Risk in your retirement plan today. Click here for 401k Advice In Current Market in Miami Beach, FL
Helping You Choose The Right Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance vs Whole Life Insurance

Determining whether Term or Whole Life Insurance is the best for your situation often causes many to choose neither. Term Life Insurance (temporary) or Whole Life Insurance (permanent) polices offer different advantages. The ideal answer is really based on what stage of your life cycle you are trying to cover. For anyone who is planning during their younger years (early/mid-career, first-time homeowners, new parents, etc.), Term Life Insurance is much more cost effective. As you age and begin the path towards the golden years, Whole Life Insurance plans may begin to make more sense. The image below illustrates this concept. For a personalized Term vs Whole Life Insurance needs assessment or Best Life Insurance in Miami Beach, FL, visit our office or book a virtual appointment.

What is Living Benefits Life Insurance?

Living Benefits Life Insurance has gained popularity over the last decade. Living Benefits (technically termed Accelerated Benefit Riders) provide insurance protection against the costs associated with contracting specified illnesses while you are alive. When it comes to the pros and cons of Living Benefits life insurance, the upside most definitely outweighs the one only real downside – which is that any money claimed in advance is deducted from the final death benefit payout on your passing. Some ponder as to why choose Living Benefits Life Insurance because they are not sure if the cost differential is worth it. So, is Life Insurance with Living Benefits worth It? Most consumers and insurance professionals would agree on a resounding yes! Many top-rated life insurance companies actually offer AB Riders (Living Benefits) at no additional cost. For the best no-obligation living benefits life insurance comparative quotes in Miami Beach, FL, click here.

Guiding You Through...

The Confusion of Retirement Planning

Helping You Resolve Debt and Credit Challenges

How To Pay Off Your Debt Fast

When it comes to Paying Off Debt, there are many competing philosophies on the best Debt Relief Strategies. Also, when you Pay Off Debt Fast, the impact to your credit score may also play a role in which solution makes the most sense for you. To determine the ideal way to Pay Off Your Debt, it’s advised to find a reputable Debt Relief Services company that is in good standing with the Better Business Bureau. While most companies offer a one-size-fits all solution, there is currently one organization that offers various programs to address the most common scenarios. These include Debt Assumption, Settlement, Validation, as well as Federal Student Loan and Tax resolution programs. Find local help in Miami Beach, FL here.

How To Repair Your Credit

There are many approaches to Repair Your Credit. Regardless of which path you take; the starting point is to determine exactly where you stand. You can accomplish this by visiting for free copies of your records from Experian, TransUnion and Equifax. Next, carefully scan these three credit bureau reports for any errors. Send a letter with documented proof to support your claim. In order to Repair Your Credit Fast, follow these top 3 tips. Fast Credit Repair entails making sure to 1) always pay your bills on time (use autopay when possible), 2) pay more than the minimum due, and 3) avoid applying for more loans or credit cards during this repair period. For local Miami Beach, FL support with Best Credit Repair Strategies, click here.
Helping You Minimize Your Taxes

How To Make Your Retirement Tax-Exempt

There are four key strategies for building Tax-Free Income For Retirement. The top two Tax Free Retirement Strategies involve starting a Roth IRA and obtaining a cash value life insurance policy. These two plans allow the account owner to build Tax Free Income For Retirement. To Make Your Retirement Tax Exempt, your plan must be funded with dollars that have already been taxed. Other Tax-Exempt Retirement Strategies involve investing in municipal bonds or opening a Health Savings Account (HSA). Interest gained from municipal bonds are Tax Exempt. The IRS allows money contributed to an HSA to be used for specific healthcare-related purchases. This list updates yearly and can be accessed at Click here for more Retirement Tax Planning tips in Miami Beach, FL.

How To Avoid Paying Too Much In Taxes

As our nation’s financial deficit surmounts to historically high levels, more and more people are searching desperately to learn How To Pay Less Taxes. The most obvious strategy in How To Reduce Taxable Income is to contribute to a tax-deferred retirement plan like a Traditional IRA, 401(k), 403(b) or 457(b) deferred compensation plan. Two other top Tax Saving Strategies that can be initiated by most are contributing to a Roth IRA or leveraging a cash value life insurance policy for the purpose of enabling a tax-free account that can be accessed down the road. Another popular way to Avoid Paying High Taxes is to open a Health Savings Account (HSA) through an employer or bank. For the Best Tax Planning Services in Miami Beach, FL click here.