Chances are if you’re tied-up paying debt, you’re not paying yourself first. Let us help you get started on a journey to a debt-free life and prosperous future. There are several ways to get out of debt, we can help you find your best option.

What are Your Debt Elimination Options?

1. Ignore or Avoid the problem and it never goes away

2. Enroll in a Debt Consolidation program and pay more over time

3. File for Bankruptcy and create another long-term problem

4. Speak with one of our Debt Relief Specialists to learn if you qualify for any of these better options:


Debt Assumption works much differently than other debt-relief options. Debt Assumption offsets your debt, helps protect against lawsuits, and restores your credit without the possibility of tax liability. This program uses a proprietary process that has been proven highly successful for thousands of clients over the past 14 years. If you qualify, there quite a few benefits that other methods do not provide. As with any debt relief program, there are guidelines that must be followed, so not everyone will qualify for Debt Assumption.


With Debt Validation, credit restoration usually begins as soon as you enroll your unsecured debt accounts. The validation process starts when the creditors you owe, sell the debt to third-party collection agencies, or begin collection practices. The Debt Validation firm then begins the process of requesting proof that the debt is, in fact, yours. If the collection company cannot prove the debt is yours, or validate the debt, the debt is forgiven. The process is 36 months, and the payments can be less based on how many accounts are enrolled. Depending on the outcome of the program, some or all of the debts forgiven could be taxable as ordinary income. However, your tax professional would be best at advising you on this matter.


Debt Settlement is a known option that people use across the country. There are two types of debt settlement companies; attorney based, and non- attorney based. In most instances it is best to use a settlement process that is backed or operated under the guidance and support of lawyers. With settlement, you will start a special-purpose savings or third-party escrow account. You will make monthly payments into that account that only you have control over. As these deposits are accumulated, your creditors will be contacted by the settlement companies’ negotiator. Each debt is negotiated or “settled” with your permission, the money you have been saving is used to pay off the agreed to debt balance.